1. A

    Start up issue

    Hello all, new member but an old owner of 2014 mt 07. My mt 07 decided to develop a problem on start. For the past week, the engine has been increasingly difficult to start. It takes about 3 seconds / 3 turnovers to turn it on, but even then just barely. But it has been getting worse and worse...
  2. A

    Aluminium case covers from Aliexpress

    Hi guys. I am looking for something to protect the engine itself via some covers. I found R&G Covers which are nice, but i am looking at some alternatives. I eventually found some covers on aliexpress, which don't look so bad and they are not that expensive (around 90 EUR). I Want to know...
  3. J

    Engine block discoloration

    Hey guys, just wondering if any of you experience a discoloration on the engine's surface? Mine is at 16,000km and i can notice a slight discoloration on the sides of the engine.
  4. O

    Dashboard error Sd__12

    Hi, I started my bike today here in Norway just to check on the engine and get the bike going (it has been stored for winter and hadn't been used for 6 weeks, my plan was to remove the battery after the engine run). I had the engine running for about 10 minutes with no major problem what so...
  5. T

    mt07 wont start

    Hey guys, I recently bought Yamaha mt07 from copart auction and bike was after a small accident, it was dropped on the right side. The thing is, I can not start the engine for some reason, once ignition is on the lights are working, indicators, horn working as well but the main speedometer...
  6. DJP

    Stalling & O2 Eliminators - A Possible Solution

    From time to time, I’ve experienced the much-reported stalling issue. My bike can go for months without it happening and then do it two or three times in a week. It mostly does it when I’m still moving. For example, I’ll be slowing down for traffic lights and as I pull in the clutch to stop, the...
  7. johnnakay

    believe it or not!!!!!!!!

    I didn't know that these bike existed till recently. I'll probably will have at one time but never took any notice. anyway I went into the showroom and sat on one. it felt so light and low,the seat is a bit of a plank though;) I like the overall look. looking at pictures I wasn't sure of the...
  8. johnnakay

    hiya from stockton.uk

    my name is john. I dont currently own a MT07 but will be buying the tracer 700 which share the same engine as the MT07. so hopefully I'l be welcome to the forum. john
  9. DJP

    Who Would Buy This?

    I was browsing eBay today, looking at custom parts, when I came across a couple of ads, from breakers, for MT07 engines. They were asking the thick end of £1,000. :eek: Thing is, these bikes are all relatively new and mostly still under warranty. In the very unlikely event of an engine problem...
  10. M

    New member from Belgium

    I ‘ve been visiting this forum a few times and finally decided to become a member. End of march, I picked up my Matt Silver Race Blue MT-07. After having ridden Buells for more than 16 years and after a severe engine breakdown on my last one, I had to make choices. There was the high cost of...
  11. andreaspid

    Strange engine noise (Mt 07)

    Hello to you all, First of all sorry for my poor english :) I bought an Mt 07 two months ago... I already have almost 500 km. Few days ago i noticed a strange noise from my engine! I visited my dealer and told me that the noise is normal, but i wasn't convinced! Pls take a look at the video...
  12. ptmxtwo

    Yamaha's FZ-07 and the FZ6R

    I have been looking at a 2015 FZ- 07, I started wondering about it and my current FZ6R; how does the performance and handling compare... The FZ6R engine is only 600cc; but it is an inline 4 cylinder and it has a tuned-down version of Yamaha's race bike (R6) engine.. I like Yamaha's current...
  13. tw586

    Bad experience with fully synth oil

    last week i did my 1 year service and used yamahas 10w40 full synth oil, I had done about 150klm and noticed at full operating temp the engine was noisy-er than usual tappet rattle chain tick gear box roll over noise in neutral and harshness at mid torque in the rev range bit the bullet and...
  14. K

    Is a power comander necessary with the Acrapovic Carbon without the DB killer

    I am thinking of buying the akrapovic carbon and i am gonna use it without db killer. Is a power comander/similar product necessary or its a plug and play thing? I dont want to damage the engine and i know nothing of such things (power comanders, exhausts , etch.). Thnx in advance.
  15. A

    Akrapovic post fitting question

    I've just had my Akra titanium installed. I'm not an expert but where the pipes go into the engine there is a small space seen by the difference in color on the pipes. Are the pipes fitted correctly or should they have been pushed a bit more in up to the small rim that goes around them? The...
  16. CVSensei

    What are the differences between 2014/15 models?

    Hello guys and gals, Can anyone explain to me the differences on the new model? I know about the new colour schemes and a few minor cosmetic adjustments but wondered what the new 'flat' seat is like. Also heard they made changes to the engine?! If so how does it behave? I'm about to buy one...
  17. Yaminator

    Has this happened to anybody..? Engine Cutting out..

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0zZ3-JdIudE Anyone have any ideas about this...?
  18. jmkk

    Airfilter/Exhaust/Break in Question

    Hi! I just bought the MT-07 (rare combination of black frame with deep armor components, pretty awesome) with an Akropovic exhaust and separate DNA air filter. Before installing the sweet stuff I would like to know which option is better for the bike's engine: Install right away with 0 km and...
  19. sarandis10

    Engine protectors

    has anyone know what the dimentions of the engine protectors are? like these ones for example: Yamaha MT07 '14- Aero Style Crash Protectors CP0365BL or YAMAHA MT-07 FORK PROTECTORS BLUE NEW IN BOX (S3) | eBay or Yamaha MT-07 Crash Bobbins | Motorcycle Parts | Yamaha Spares i am finding them...