1. B

    game over for mt-07

    sadly after 4 years very good return the mt-07 has been killed. had a driver stop dead in middle of roundabout leaving me no place to go but into them. even though it was a slow speed crash the head was damaged and forks bent so bike has been written off. bike had just over 8000 miles on it and...
  2. Scim77

    Selling high spec MT-07

    I have decided to change. I now need something with a lighter clutch and slightly more comfort. So my stunning MT-07 is for sale. My icon shows the bike and there have been lots of posts by the previous owner (GAZ2212) including lots of photos. The bike is fundamentally the same, with a few...
  3. M

    h4 led bulb

    hi guys i want to buy from ebay led buld for the headlight .any suggestions?
  4. C

    Acrapovic exhaust and other parts

    Hello in selling my mt07 and getting a mt10. So have a few parts to sell. Here is my eBay listing. Yamaha MT07 MT07 Acrapovic Exhaust And Power Commander and More. | eBay
  5. G

    eBay - SC Project Exhaust

    Hi all, Selling my 3 month old SC Project exhaust on Fleabay. Discovered that loud pipes aren't for me after all, but I know others love 'em! Yamaha MT 07 SC Project Exhaust. 3 months old! Great condition. Great sound! | eBay
  6. W

    Are parts expensive for the MT-07?

    Are parts expensive on the MT-07? Say the bike fell over? How much $ would it cost for the plastic piece on side on gas tank? I have a 2007 ER6F, and although OEM fairing pieces aren't cheap, they're still somewhat reasonable; and of course, there's all kinds of other parts on Ebay. I was...
  7. B

    little update

    hi gang. sorry ive been away for so long but life/work etc have been keeping me very busy. my mt-07 has changed a bit since you last looked at it so here are the extras ive added since i was last here. as you know the suspension was lowered by 20mm front and rear by hyperpro and this has made...
  8. DJP

    Fitted a Centre Stand Today

    I've soldiered on for a while with paddock stands but let's face it: Maintenance is a lot easier with a centre stand. After a bit of research, I decided to go for the SW Motech one. It gets pretty good write ups and cost me £120 off Ebay, delivered from Germany. I've got to say, I'm quite...
  9. Gee

    £8 phone mount! AWESOME!

    Got this of ebay for £8. Fits like a dream in 2mins. Have not wired it up yet but as a mount its excellent. About £50 for the same thing from RAM.
  10. Scim77

    Ebay - chainguard for sale

    There is a genuine Yamaha Accessory upgrade chain-guard on Ebay Check this link:- MT-07 Chain-guard | eBay
  11. Scim77

    Gilles billet footrests on Ebay

    If you fancy a pair of Gilles footrests, check out this Ebay link:- Gilles Foot-rests adjustable for MT-07 | eBay
  12. CVSensei

    Braided Brake Lines

    After reading up on them a little bit it seems like a worthy investment, anyone have any recommendations? I've heard HEL are good and found them selling some on ebay.. They have two versions though. Any info would be great!
  13. Eddieh93

    Ed's Modifications

    Please Delete......Sorry Please delete......sorry
  14. L

    LED Intergrated Blinker Taillight on eBay - advice or anyone got one?

    Just been trawling eBay for a tail tidy and micro indicators and seen this little beauty:- Item no 371307101780 It looks like a great piece of kit and removes the need to have indicators! Think I may order one as a tail tidy together with this with keep the back end nice and minimal however...
  15. D

    Ebay Shorty Levers - awesome

    Hello All I wanted to try shorty levers but instead of giving Yamaha £200 GBP I bought these from an Ebay Hong Kong shop, £15 for BOTH delivered! Brand new, finish on actual levers is fine, the hidden black metal brackets not perfect but pretty good. Take a look. Took all of 7 mins to fit...
  16. MT-0Devon

    MT-07 billet radiator side covers for sale

    I'm selling these off the bike if you are interested. currently on ebay Give me a PM if you want them or just purchase on ebay
  17. T

    Greetings from the Netherlands!

    Hi everyone, Just registered on the forum and thought i might as well introduce myself properly :) I live in the Netherlands and ride the MT-07 for half a year now (and still am very happy with it!) Have done approx. 8000 km's. List of mods: KGL full titanium exhaust (decat) DNA air filter...
  18. Yaminator

    Why is the UK so limited for the accessories

    After checking Ebay france and ebay US it seems to me that us in the uk is being somewhat restricted in the accessories For Example if you look up ZARD exhausts there aint none in the UK but France has them and in the US they even do a black whole complete system. Whats Going on...?
  19. Nuggets

    Workshop manual

    Has anyone purchased a workshop manual from eBay yet? Is it the real deal? 2015 Yamaha FZ 07 FZ07F FZ07 FZ07FC Service Shop Repair Manual Lit 11616 28 07 | eBay
  20. J

    my new handle bar

    i got this on ebay. i will put it on my fz! i already got it on my xs11. Chrome Drag Style Bar Handlebar 7 8 Mini Chopper Bike Mini Bike Motorcycle Dirt | eBay