1. Yaminator

    My first decent day in 2017

    I went out on Saturday for the whole day on my bike with it being such a nice day, and not riding it for a while properly really did make me think that the MT 07 is a great allrounder if your not a speed demon.... Bring on the summer thats all i'm saying..
  2. Yaminator

    Joke time

    I bought some shoes from a drug dealer the other day, I don't know what he laced them with but I've been tripping all day.... ;-)
  3. W

    Is the MT-07 really like a modern day RD 400 (1976-1978) or RD 350 (1980-82)?

    :) I thought I would ask MT-07 owners if the MT-07 is really like a modern day RD 400 or RD 350? Being a 2007 ER-6F owner I think the MT-07 is the bike for me if it is like those bikes I described because I had a 1977 Yamaha RD 400, and that was and still is my favorite bike. I'm concerned...
  4. Darren


    Hi, I have noticed recently that after 18 months of ownership that my bike has been slow to turn over. I have checked the battery and it's down to 11.8v which is low. I have put my optimate charger on it to bring the the voltage back up and hope the battery will recover. I use my bike for...
  5. craigieboy

    Puig Screen, filter & PlastiDip

    Been looking at screens for a while and found this Puig one but couldnt find any reviews on it or any pics of it fitted other than the stock image on the for sale page. Bit the bullet and ordered it anyway :p. I Previously had the Ermax sport Screen (The shorter one) but Didnt really like it...
  6. balki

    DAAT-Devon Air Ambulance Trust- rideout 12 july

    Its almost (ish) that time of year again and the website for the DAAT -Devon Air ambulance Trust - rideout is now live maybe meet @ teignmouth train station or exeter ? before heading over to the wonderfull world of Trago Mills ;)
  7. towner87

    Moisture behind LCD

    I have a new issue! I have moisture behind my LCD screen. I have no idea how it has got there, I hand wash my bike with a spray bottle and cloths so is not from over saturating the area.....And its covered up in heavy rain. I noticed it the other day and hoped it would go away but I noticed it...
  8. TJ63

    MT day - CMC Clay Cross

    Sunday 28th September, CMC will be having an MT day - bring your MT-01, 03, 07, 09 or 125 and have a chance of winning one of 10 prizes. Starts 10:00 and finishes at 14:30. High Street, Clay Cross, Derbyshire S45 9DP
  9. towner87

    First Track Day Complete Brands Hatch GP Circuit

    Hi Guys, Just thought I would share my experience using the MT-07 at a Track day. So the venue was Brands Hatch GP circuit (Long one) on Tuesday 16th September. The bike handled good I thought, I was trying to get it as far over as possible on the twisty's but the little foot peg bobbings kept...
  10. Irksome

    Longest trip?

    Having just got home after a 300 mile round trip, London to Lowestoft (I had to vist my very sick step-father) my mind is slightly swimming with impressions of what is by far my longest time on the bike in one day ... and I wonder how many of you have done substantial miles in one day ?