1. D

    mt07 exhaust

    Can anyone tell me if I can fit an Acrapovic exhaust system from an MT07 on to my MT07 Tracer Cheers
  2. J

    Question for riders from Thessaloniki/Greece

    Hi :) Have a question for anyone who might be from Thessaloniki or Greece. Can you recommend a place in Thessaloniki where one can dyno a motorcycle and check the air/fuel ratio? Got Akra Carbon so would like to test it out and see what's coming up.... Thanks, Cheers
  3. mejson

    Greetings from Poland :))

    Hi Lads, hope to enjoy this forum as much as i enjoy my bike :) cheers!
  4. L

    MT-07 Odometer issues!!

    Just changed the clock and brightness on my bike when I looked the mileage had gone up 300miles from 496 to 796 WTF! Going in for its first 600mile service tomorrow so will quiz the dealer. Anybody else had this problem? Cheers
  5. xt660isgood2

    2nd Service on Weds

    Hello all, Got my 2nd service coming up on Weds. Just wondering what it cost you all? Also they are doing the batt recall lead. Guessing it's just an oil change an general check? Well out of my comfort zone here coz normally do all the spannering but keeping the book up to date. After this one...
  6. V

    North Londoner here

    Hi guys, On the market for a MT-07, so hopefully will be part of this on 100% :) Cheers V
  7. CVSensei

    Traf-X LED indicator advice please

    Could anyone please let me know whether I need resistors to fit new indicators? This site is offering a discounted version for the units without resistors. This is them: Traf-X Led indicator X-Light 02 Also might I need these? Definitely don't want to go cutting wires. Traf-X Indicators...
  8. L

    Is this an aftermarket modification under Pillion Seat?

    Evening all Under the pillion seat I have found a connector labelled Optimate. Does the MT07 come with this as standard for the trickle charger or has this been added? I am the 2nd owner of the MT07 and it came with quite a few tasteful and in my opinion essential mods, the best being the...
  9. L

    How often do you lube up!?

    What mileage/timescales are people cleaning, adjusting and lubing their chain? Cheers
  10. Yam MT 07

    best UK yamaha dealer

    hello everyone , just a thought and I'm sure there will be loads of reaction but who is the best UK Yamaha dealer ? I know of some shockers and also some excellent ones , so out of interest who is the best ?? cheers all
  11. Knawful

    G'day from Oz

    G'day Ladies and Gent's.. Thought I'd better introduce myself seeing as I've been lurking for a few day's and have read just about every thread. I hail from South West Victoria in Australia (about 4 hours out of Melbourne). I've ridden dirtbikes most my life, but after a 10 year break, and...
  12. spoonflames

    Hi from Manchester UK

    Hi all. I pick up my MT-07 in a week or so. It's 4 months old. Looking forward to it :) Cheers!
  13. Yam MT 07

    Pillion seat wanted

    hi everyone , has anyone got a pillion seat for MT 07 for sale ? cheers all