1. J

    Question for riders from Thessaloniki/Greece

    Hi :) Have a question for anyone who might be from Thessaloniki or Greece. Can you recommend a place in Thessaloniki where one can dyno a motorcycle and check the air/fuel ratio? Got Akra Carbon so would like to test it out and see what's coming up.... Thanks, Cheers
  2. R

    Akrapovic Carbon vs Akrapovic Titanium

    Which one is louder? :D Akrapovic Carbon vs Akrapovic Titanium Regards, Ritii
  3. PeaceMaker

    MT-07 Akrapovic Carbon VS Titanium

    Here is a short video with the sound comparison between Carbon and Titanium Akrapovic:
  4. mejson

    Side panels in Carbon

    Hey Lads, just to share with you some mods...cheaper way to upgrade your bike and instead of paying tons of USD, DIY :) I used this kind of technique to cover side panels in carbon fibre cloth... bought carbon fibre cloth, epoxy, brushes and...
  5. I

    My planned mods are done for now, whats next?

    Hi all I've done my minor mods now, that in combination with the previous owner made my inital list complete: R&G TidyTail, Arrow system, Screen unknown, R&G Barends fitted by previous owner Fender extender carbon, EP radiator cover, homemade grills front&rear, adjustable levers, mirror...
  6. Eddieh93

    Carbon FIbre Heel Plates

    I have just brought some carbon fibre heel plates from ebay. Cant decide whether they will be a tacky addition to my mods Opinions? Ed
  7. buster

    Busters pyramid bike.

    Before. After. Hi all Had my bike from March 2014 and bought it from CMC Chesterfield she now has around 12000 miles on. Mods so far are Pyramid plastics carbon rear hugger Pyramid fender extender Pyramid rad cover Pyramid belly pan Pyramid carbon heel plates Ermax side cheeks Ermax...
  8. K

    Is a power comander necessary with the Acrapovic Carbon without the DB killer

    I am thinking of buying the akrapovic carbon and i am gonna use it without db killer. Is a power comander/similar product necessary or its a plug and play thing? I dont want to damage the engine and i know nothing of such things (power comanders, exhausts , etch.). Thnx in advance.
  9. Yam MT 07

    akra carbon again !!!!!!

    hi everybody , I know that this has probably been covered before but has anyone fitted the carbon akrapovic yet ? , if so did you fit the cat or not ? I was told by a well known Yamaha solus dealer that you can fit the carbon without the cat and that it will be okay and if you have the baffle /...
  10. S

    Hello from Derby

    Hi, Just thought I would say hi, really loving my MT-07 in blue. Done around 7500 miles on so far, been to wales and looking forward to a Scotland ride soon. This is one great all rounder bike, managed to get the akrapovic carbon exhaust after months of waiting still not sure if to run with or...
  11. F

    Akrapovic carbon technical question

    hello, I was wondering why the akrapovic carbon is the only exhaust that it's pipe is curved and twisted that way and why other exhausts, even akra titanium, dont do that. gasses are more difficult to go out that way, it creates more backpressure and that has a negative effect...Im I wrong?
  12. K

    Akrapovic carbon exhaust

    Hello all, Iam thinking of buying the akrapovic carbon for my mt07, anyone bought it ? Can a catalytic converter be used with the particular exhaust? Share any experience plz thnx in advance