1. P

    Throttle body synching

    Hello.New guy here.Wondering about synchronizing the throttle bodies on my FZ-07.I'm going to order the gauges to do it.Just wondering,it looks like I'll have to disconnect the MAP sensor to hook up the one gauge.Will the bike run with it disconnected?Will it run poorly preventing me from...
  2. Yaminator

    Throttle bodies sync / carbtune

    Has anybody used a Morgan Carbtune to synchronize their throttle bodies...??? its one of my to-do jobs over the cold months.....
  3. G

    Autralian Restricted model MT07. The hidden restrictor. Removal

    I have the Australian restricted model MT07. I reflashed the ECU and have Akra snail pipe and DNA filter and the throttle rotation restrictor was removed, but the dyno run revealed sill only 54rear wheel HP. Now the reflash was to Euro spec so the only difference should be the 655ccrelarive to...