1. W

    Black Widow pre-install thoughts and ideas

    Hi Guys, So I finally got the 230mm GP style Black Widow exhaust, to be honest the bike has only done 55 miles (know that perhaps I should wait for the first service) but coming from a 2012 Dorsoduro supermoto with a nice growl and bearing in mind all my riding is in heavy commute traffic I...
  2. W

    Black Widow Exhaust - is it too loud for City Communting (230mm can)

    Hi Guys, Picked up my Moto Cage on Sunday and it is a great bike (farewell Aprilia Dorsoduro) the big downside (for me) is that unlike the Dorsoduro this thing is at quiet as a mouse. I really don't like filtering with this bike as it so quiet and I like to announce my arrival if possible to...
  3. B

    Quieter Option Than Black Widow Exhaust?

    Hi, I recently picked up a low mounted Black Widow Exhaust : MT07 MT-07 2014 2015 2016 2017 Low Level De-cat Exhaust System with 200mm Oval Carbon Fibre Silencer Carbon Tip I should say the quality, fit and finish of the exhaust is outstanding. Especially for the price. So has been the...
  4. B

    Alternative to Black Widow Exhaust

    Hi, I picked up a Black Widow exhaust recently : MT07 MT-07 2014 2015 2016 2017 Low Level De-cat Exhaust System with 200mm Oval Carbon Fibre Silencer Carbon Tip Absolutely no issues with the quality, fit or finish of the exhaust. Nor the customer service I've received from Black Widow. All are...
  5. G

    Black Widow Exhaust

    Just thought I would post a quick video in case anyone else was considering an exhaust system for their mt07 from Black Widow Exhausts. I paid £240 for the whole system delivered next day. Fitting was super easy, and I think it sounds great! Will be posting more vids of it over the weekend...
  6. Cyrus

    Post you helmet pic

    Post photo of your helmet... mine is just like this, with black visor
  7. MT-0Devon

    Yamaha MT-07 Fly Screen Visor Black

    Genuine Yamaha small fly screen in Black VGC I've bought a big screen for going touring this year, so pointless having this lying around in the garage. £70 Will post at cost, worldwide. Payment by Paypal Gift to avoid charges
  8. S

    What kind of paint do you reckon handlebar 'furniture' etc is done with?

    I'm looking to tidy up the grotty faded black paint on the brake reservoir and brackets that hold the clutch, front brake etc on my other bike. I want it to look original, so Hammerite isn't really going to work. Any ideas / guesses as to what would work best? It might just be a can of matt...
  9. L

    Helllooooo, London Lady Biker here!

    Hey everyone, I've found myself on this forum a few times as a guest looking for tips/info, but finally got round to signing up! I picked up my Silver/Race Blue MT07 mid-March and am loving every minute spent with him (it's a boy). I'm fast approaching 4000 miles already which surprised me...
  10. xt4tic

    Suspension bottle colour

    Hey! New user here, i'll receive the 07 on september, Race Blue with ABS was not in stock so i'll have to wait. One thing that i particularly liked on the 09 was the front suspension, in gold and blue colour, all the 07 have this black plastic, so how about doing some vinyl on them? Let me...
  11. D

    Ebay Shorty Levers - awesome

    Hello All I wanted to try shorty levers but instead of giving Yamaha £200 GBP I bought these from an Ebay Hong Kong shop, £15 for BOTH delivered! Brand new, finish on actual levers is fine, the hidden black metal brackets not perfect but pretty good. Take a look. Took all of 7 mins to fit...
  12. D

    mt07 parts for Sale

    Hi, Selling some bits Black small Piug screen Windscreen Puig Sport Yamaha MT-07 13-14 black fly screen windshield | eBay £30 Free UK Postage Contact me for details, Cheers, Mal
  13. D

    Mt 07 Parts For sale

    Hi, Have a Brand New screen in Black, makes the bike looked finished. Here a link Windscreen Puig Sport Yamaha MT-07 13-14 dark smoke fly screen windshield | eBay selling for £3O Free postage Rear bobbins/paddock stand by Evotech £20 free postage,Here's a link Yamaha FZ-07 Rear Spindle...
  14. G

    Black stains on the exhaust

    I noticed some black stains on the silencer of my exhaust.. Is it just gas and water? Or is it something i need to start worrying.. Do you notice something similar with your exhausts? Just checking..
  15. A

    BLACK FRIDAY accessories for your MT 07

    Hi everybody, Since Black Friday is next week I think it would be a good idea if fellow riders could tip in with thoughts and especially links to different products one might like to have (and get really cheap with this occasion) for next spring. It's usually big companies that have big...