1. B

    game over for mt-07

    sadly after 4 years very good return the mt-07 has been killed. had a driver stop dead in middle of roundabout leaving me no place to go but into them. even though it was a slow speed crash the head was damaged and forks bent so bike has been written off. bike had just over 8000 miles on it and...
  2. N

    Tec bike parts spring upgrade - anyone done this?

    Hi guys, I'm thinking of upgrading my forks, was going to try something cheap first, like this . Was just wondering if anyone has bought this product and whether its worth it? I don't find the rear shock too bad unless I'm really pushing on, so...
  3. K

    Hello from New Zealand

    Hello all, I'm from Nelson, New Zealand and have recently bought a MT 07. This is the LAMS (Learner Approved Motorcycle Scheme) version peculiar to Australia and New Zealand. 655cc by sleeved down bore, restricted throttle, and re-mapping. I've been riding since the early 1980s and have had...
  4. J

    So I've bought an MT07

    Hi guys, so i haven't passed my test yet, I have my MOD1 tomorrow (Monday 9th April). I saw an MT07 on eBay, not far from me and i loved it straight away, it was one of the cheapest I'd seen, 2014 model, included 2 year warranty, 12,000 miles, tail tidy, crash bungs, little bits of red...
  5. F

    Hi all.Newbie from Ireland

    Hi .I am looking at the MT 07 as my next bike and looking for advice and reviews.Thanks in advance
  6. M

    Starter relay

    I have a 2017 07 that I bought last March. I had done just under 5000 miles when the starter relay packed in. Thankfully the bike was still under warranty, so no issue (other than nconvenience) in getting the bike fixed. My dealership told me that they've had a few bikes in with the same...
  7. J

    Has anyone got bored of their MT07?

    Hi guys, I am currently on an L plate on a YBR125. I have my first DAS lesson next week, i'm excited but quite nervous to be honest as i have never ever rode a 600cc bike. I believe its a Suzuki Gladius 650? Anyway, I passed my CBT just before Xmas 2017, bought my 125 which i have had for 2 and...
  8. A

    Hello From Western NY

    I just found out about these bikes when I was looking for a bike with better suspension then my honda shadow has. I have looked at the NC700x, Versys, and the V-Strom and now I am going to look into this bike. I have not ruled out any bike yet, but want to find out what people like and dislike...
  9. S

    Bike Stolen!

    So I came out my house on Sunday morning to find that my bike had been nicked during the night from my driveway! I suppose I shouldn't be too surprised living in London... So the question is, what do I buy now?
  10. T

    Metisse 40mm lowering kit for MT07 Tracer

    40mm lowering kit for MT07 Tracer I brought a new Tracer 700 The bike shop fitted a 40mm lowering kit when they delivered the bike i was still on tip Toe, so brought the 60mm which cost 172 euros so I now have the 40mm for sale never used ,with instructions . looking for £120 which includes...
  11. L

    MT07 Sat Nav Add On

    Hi, Looking on going on some longer journeys on bike has anyone fitted a Sat Nav to their MT07? Anyone got the best way to do this? Thanks
  12. W

    Black Widow Exhaust - is it too loud for City Communting (230mm can)

    Hi Guys, Picked up my Moto Cage on Sunday and it is a great bike (farewell Aprilia Dorsoduro) the big downside (for me) is that unlike the Dorsoduro this thing is at quiet as a mouse. I really don't like filtering with this bike as it so quiet and I like to announce my arrival if possible to...
  13. Ralph


    Was in a shop the other day and heard the sounds of a crash, got outside and there's a young lad removing his crash hat bike is upright lots of people standing round the lad did not seem to have a scratch on him even though he was wearing shorts no jacket or gloves, stealth cab "Prius Taxi" had...
  14. J

    New member from Chard UK

    Restoring crash damaged MT07 2015. Clutch case and water pump and forks mainly. Nice bike otherwise!
  15. S

    MT 07 to be first bike

    Got my CBT booked for 7th Jan. Once passed I'll get the theory booked and the DAS. Been to Yamaha in Flitwick today to buy some clothing and a helmet. They are my local dealer which is handy too. The MT 07 will be my first bike. I'm 41 now, so after owning 33 cars I think it's time for a...
  16. O

    Suh doo! From the Valley of the Sun

    Hello. My names Os, it's been 4 months now since I bought my FZ-07 and yes it is my first motorcycle. I've mainly just been googling and watching tons of youtube videos for over a year before I made the plunge to invest in my bike. I haven't regretted choosing the FZ-07 as my first...
  17. DJP

    Bye-Bye MT07

    Well, I traded in my MT07 today and collect my new bike on Monday. The 07 has been a good little bike but I've come to the conclusion that I prefer something larger with more cylinders. Trouble is, bikes like that now seem to fall into two categories: Full-on sportsbikes (which are just too...
  18. B

    Buy 2016 MT07, wait till next year to see if update on MT 07 or buy 2017 MT09?

    Hi, I'm in a quandary, a dealer is selling the 2016 MT 09 for about the same price as the MT 07 (£6234 OTR) and I am not sure which way to go? They are doing this because a new 2017 MT 09 is going on sale in December. I was unsure if I wanted an MT 07 or an MT 09 in the first place, now I don't...
  19. S

    Something to check as our bikes reach 2 years old and beyond.

    Head bearings. Apparently these as fitted in the factory to the MT07 are of the same kind of standard as the rest of the bike, and don't last as far as you'd expect them to. There have been a few cases of them being replaced under warranty, for the lucky few people whose warranties were...
  20. B

    A really efficient after market rear hugger required

    My MT07 is just 2 years old and has done 8k miles and is going like a train. yesterday we had 200 miles in awful weather , on getting home the bike looked as though it had been dragged through a plough field. some of the filth on the bike could have been avoided if the after market hugger maker...