1. Bytom

    Same exhuast layout on diffent year mods ?

    Hey, im new to this forum so i apologize for any mistakes made. I'm currently a proud owner of a 2014 Yamaha Mt 07. My question is, since some of the webshops i have looked at offers anything for the 2014 model (because it didn't come out in the US until 2015, is there any difference i should...
  2. T

    MT-07 FZ-07 Stock ECU, Akra Titanium Exhaust Dillema

    Hey, guys, I am new over here. Umm.. I am planing on buying a night-fluo MT-07 and I did some technical readings about the bike just so when I get it, I will be able to do the upgrades necessary. I've got 2 questions in this thread for you: 1. Is the stock ECU properly tuned? I head or...
  3. K

    FS: MIVV Oval Carbon full exhaust

    SOLD: MIVV Oval Carbon full exhaust After switching the Yam for an Italian counterpart, I have a spare exhaust in my garage. Full kit with all the bits and pieces that it came with. About 8k kilometres ridden, zero crashes or dents. This pipe comes equipped with two dB-killers, so adjust the...
  4. Rtong

    Akrapovic titanium exhaust system baffle/dB killer WANTED!

    Hi all! New to the forum, this is awesome. Just installed an Akrapovic titanium pipe on my fz07, but it's darn loud! Anyone out there take their baffle out and willing it to part it out to me? :) I'm in Vancouver Canada! Thanks in advance!
  5. J-dan

    akrapovic exhaust & Nitron Shock

    Hello, I am in the process of selling my Mt-07 so I have taken off the exhaust and shock Akrapovic exhaust carbon comes with all fittings and instructions on how to fit has been on my bike for 1500 miles in very good condition I am after £375 ONO Nitron R1 shock has covered less than 500 miles...
  6. E

    ECU flash and DNA Stage 2 Airbox + Filter done!

    So I finally got around to doing the ECU flash and stage 2 airbox mod. which I have been wanting to do for a while now... I took the bike down to the boys at Seton Tuning in Essex to get the job done properly by some guys who have been racing Superstock for many years now (with great success!)...
  7. R

    Akrapovic Carbon vs Akrapovic Titanium

    Which one is louder? :D Akrapovic Carbon vs Akrapovic Titanium Regards, Ritii
  8. PeaceMaker

    MT-07 Akrapovic Carbon VS Titanium

    Here is a short video with the sound comparison between Carbon and Titanium Akrapovic: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Sosyx0txl6g
  9. M

    which exhaust ?

    Which one is better - the Akrapovic titanium with the mt-07 logo engraved, or the one with the yellow/red akrapovic logo. Are there any differences ? Thanks.
  10. Z

    Best Exhaust System

    Since stock exhaust sounds like a kids toy, i want an exhaust first thing as soon as i purchase the MT-07. Which one though, Arrow, Yoshi or the Akrapovic collab. Which sounds better, and which will have the least problems and wear the engine. I'd imagine the Akrapovic since it is directly in...
  11. C

    If in doubt ask akrapovic

    After buying the akrapovic exhaust i read a lot about trimming and drilling the baffle insert, just to make a little more noise. And people where saying you need a fuel controller as your creating less back pressher ect. So i sent akrapovic a question asking for there advise on baffle in and...
  12. L

    Exhaust - decisions decisions...

    Hey guys, Newbie here seeking exhaust help... I'm torn between the Akra, Yoshimura, SC Project and the Arrow. The Akra is expensive and I have to wonder whether it's worth the extra cash. The SC Project looks lush but has a really long lead time and I'm terribly impatient. The Arrow, as...
  13. ReGo

    Akrapovic vs Warranty

    Hiya! I'm probably getting the mt-07 quite soon from my local dealer and I'm seriously considering having the Akrapovic full exhaust system (from Yamaha's list of official extras) installed. However, I was wondering if any of you guys have done this, and if so, were you able to keep your...
  14. CVSensei

    Scorpion or Akrapovic?

    Instant thoughts? I was going to fork out for an Akrapovic until i noticed the Scorpion which is far cheaper and i personally prefer the look of it. Not looking for extra power as I have to keep it in line with A2 restriction, I just want a sexy growl. Any scorpion owners (preferably that have...
  15. N

    Another Norwegian :)

    Hi. After a few weeks on the forum I am finally ready to introduce myself. I got my MT-07 delivered at my house today, can hardly stay out of the garage :) So I got this race red one that was on display at a shop in my area, I wanted a red one and since the -15 is no longer available in red I...
  16. F

    Akrapovic carbon technical question

    hello, I was wondering why the akrapovic carbon is the only exhaust that it's pipe is curved and twisted that way and why other exhausts, even akra titanium, dont do that. gasses are more difficult to go out that way, it creates more backpressure and that has a negative effect...Im I wrong?
  17. K

    Akrapovic carbon exhaust

    Hello all, Iam thinking of buying the akrapovic carbon for my mt07, anyone bought it ? Can a catalytic converter be used with the particular exhaust? Share any experience plz thnx in advance
  18. S

    Akrapovic question

    Hi Guys Im looking to get the Akrapovic exhaust but I want to keep the baffle in. Mainly as my bike is kept in the garage below where my 3 year old niece sleeps so I would be very popular if I kept waking her up. Has anyone got the Akra and kept in the Baffle? Is there much of a sound...
  19. M

    Akrapovic racing exhaust

    I take it this isn't road legal in the UK? S-Y7R2-AFC - Full Exhaust Akrapovic Racing Stainless Steel Carbon Yamaha MT-07 | eBay
  20. S

    No mods for me for a while or I'll lose my warranty.

    Went to the local Yamaha dealer here in Hong Kong, I asked about the DNA air filter as I was interested in ordering one from Europe. They told me if I did, I would loose my warranty. Just to wind the guy up a bit I said I was thinking about changing the exhaust. He said, no you cant do that...