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  1. DeadHead

    Wiring to the ignition. How and is it difficult?

    I've bought a dogcam camera, that can be powered by the bike but it needs to be wired to the ignition. I have no idea how to do this or a diagram to work with so if anyone has some images, help etc I would be most grateful for any input.
  2. DeadHead

    Fitting GPS/SatNav with Yamaha GPS Stay

    I'm sure a few of you have found it's not easy fitting a GPS/SatNav to the MT-07, well Yamaha have made the job considerably easier with the GPS Stay bracket (1WS-234A0-00-00) priced at £38.99 This is what is supplied in the box. Remove the clocks, by removing the 2 x allen bolts Once the...
  3. DeadHead

    SC Project Exhaust fitted

    Fitted SC Project exhaust today, never fitted anything like this before and wanted to share a few images etc about my experience. It was easy to fit, just show a little patience and of course have the right tools! Nothing special is needed to do the job. Everything that comes in the box apart...
  4. DeadHead

    Mt-07 seat so slippery any options?

    Picked up the bike today having not been able to get a demo ride, first thing I noticed was how incredibly slippery the seat felt while wearing my textured pants. I might get use to it, i've only done a handful of miles after all but it's like sitting on ball bearings!! Any options out there?
  5. DeadHead

    Hello from Bournemouth

    Giving a shout out to all my fellow members... Shall be joining the MT-07 family Tuesday 21st October..praying for dry weather