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  1. Eddieh93

    Happy Christmas Everyone

    Merry Christmas!
  2. Eddieh93


    Was looking at the 09 Tracer but I think ill just buy the 09 and no i wont im not a fan of the new heeadlight plus isnt it going to be dulled down for the new Euro4 rules?
  3. Eddieh93


    So I sold my bike yesterday! I am due and upgrade now and I didn't want to have it sitting around all winter so I have sold her. I wont be going anywhere as I will be buying an MT-09 at some point soon so I will be lingering on, thanks for all the help and enjoy the 07's.
  4. Eddieh93

    mt07 exhaust

    I would assume so however assumption makes an arse out of you and me so best way is to contact your dealer. or ask google.
  5. Eddieh93

    hello from new member, and thinking of taking the plunge.

    Welcome sussex pirate! Welcome to the forum, you'll find a lot of helpful stuff around here. Also dont forgot to add things of your own. Less thinking more buying!!!!!
  6. Eddieh93

    Replacement Front Footpegs (OEM)

    This is how to take the old ones off if people are still struggling
  7. Eddieh93

    I just bought a brand new 2016 mt-07!!!

    In regards to running in period the dealer recommends taking it easy for the 1st 600 miles, I didn't. I was blasting around straight away and I haven't felt any poor effects of not running it in "properly". In my opinion its how you like to do it I have a few friends that have brought new bikes...
  8. Eddieh93

    MT-07 Scrambler?

    Sorry my friend this was just a photo from google. i like the way the bike looks anyway, it may just be a ebay jobby.
  9. Eddieh93

    New owner from Waltham Cross - Herts

    Welcome grillphill, you will find most of the answers here! good bunch of guys and gals who all seem to be interested in one thing! Enjoy
  10. Eddieh93

    The 6k Service

    What are you doing Yaminator? ie pads, fluids are you doing exactly what the manual says of just the essentials?
  11. Eddieh93

    The 6k Service

    Which is why i am doing it myself! Daylight robbery
  12. Eddieh93

    Long lasting chain wax/lube

    oh ok sdrio everyday was and exaggeration haha I am not very good with routine maintenance half the time I am too busy to even think about it, which is why I am going to buy the scotoiler for the new bike.
  13. Eddieh93

    Long lasting chain wax/lube

    Hi guys, I am looking for a long lasting chain wax/lube so I dont have to apply everyday, its becoming a pain in the arse. I am going to upgrade to an R6 in March so I just need something to get me through the winter without to much trouble. I am changing my chain and sprockets at the end of...
  14. Eddieh93

    Yamaha FZ-07 vs Suzuki SV 650 Naked

    i have ridden both and i prefer the MT which i why i brought one. I rode my friends so cant give a proper write up it was a 30 minute ride but like i said much prefer the MT-07 for looks and everything else. Also I like Yamaha as a brand. So i may be a bit biased.
  15. Eddieh93

    Is this shift clunk normal? (video inside)

    I thought most bikes have a clunk when going into first, maybe a cold bike as already suggested and in my opinion I dont think its anything to worry about.
  16. Eddieh93

    Free restrictor on new machines?

    Yes, you get the restrictor and fitting for free from the dealer you also get a certificate. This was done to mine before I picked it up.
  17. Eddieh93

    Acrapovic exhaust and other parts

    How much for the exhaust and power commander?
  18. Eddieh93

    Will my MT-07 spit flames?

    Flaming is not the best as it means your running to rich. Pops and bangs are a given when upgrading your exhaust system.
  19. Eddieh93

    New member

    Welcome Scotti, Have a look around and dont be scared questions were pretty friendly.
  20. Eddieh93

    The MT-07 Picture Game

    Does this count? Also my wheels are meant to be blue not black haha