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  1. Eddieh93


    So I sold my bike yesterday! I am due and upgrade now and I didn't want to have it sitting around all winter so I have sold her. I wont be going anywhere as I will be buying an MT-09 at some point soon so I will be lingering on, thanks for all the help and enjoy the 07's.
  2. Eddieh93

    Long lasting chain wax/lube

    Hi guys, I am looking for a long lasting chain wax/lube so I dont have to apply everyday, its becoming a pain in the arse. I am going to upgrade to an R6 in March so I just need something to get me through the winter without to much trouble. I am changing my chain and sprockets at the end of...
  3. Eddieh93

    5000 Mile Service

    Does anyone know what's involved in a 5000 mile service I'm sick of paying expensive labour charges when I could probably do it myself. Is it just brake pads, oil, chain tensioning and clean and oil and bits like that or is it internal engine checks?
  4. Eddieh93

    Spongy Back Brake

    The back brake is spongy as we all probably already know. Has anyone had any success in trying to sharpen up the back brake? Let me know.
  5. Eddieh93

    Custom Helmet

    Investing in some new gear more importantly a new helmet. Has anyone got a custom helmet? I have started my design but not 100% sure if it worth it. Here is my crude design in paint, what do we think?(not finished) Still undecided yet and it is quite expensive as well.
  6. Eddieh93

    Post Winter and Pre Summer Service

    Hi guys, Going to be doing some routine maintenance and a bit extra after a winter full of commuting and fun rides and before the summer kicks in and I don't get off the bike. I am planning on doing: Brake Pads Oil Filter and Oil Change A GOOD CLEAN as I haven't cleaned it once since owning (I...
  7. Eddieh93

    Further riding Qualifications

    I am interested in becoming an instructor in the near future. Got the opportunity to do a Ride Safe Course in September. Does anyone recommend it? Is anyone on hear ROSPA qualified? I have looked at the route I need to go to be an instructor and it looks a pain in the arse to keep current.
  8. Eddieh93

    Moto Cage Hand Guards

    I am looking for a set of Moto cage hand guards. I am about to buy the Moto cage fly screen as its the only one that looks acceptable for the front a in my opinion, but would like some hand guards to match, I will be painting the screen and hand guards to match my bike just missing a set of...
  9. Eddieh93

    MT-09 Tracer

    Been looking at buying an MT-09 Tracer for some touring. Does anyone have one/ridden one and can let me know what they think seem some reviews which says its another quality bike from Yamaha, but if I buy if am I becoming a bit of a Yamaha fanboy?! Also been looking at a BMW R1200GS R but they...
  10. Eddieh93

    Exhaust Issue

    So now people should have had their after market exhausts for a few miles now has anyone got any gripes/moans about theirs, I am still looking and undecided about which one to get its between Zard and SC Project. Let me know if anything.
  11. Eddieh93

    R+G You Absolute Heroes!!

    So the inevitable happened and I lost the front end to some diesel yesterday, was doing about 3 MPH coming to a stop and just didn't see it.....FAIL!! Absolute heroes at R+G!! I had fitted the crash protection as I knew how expensive crashes can be, the only damage I took was the foot peg is a...
  12. Eddieh93

    Free Editing Software

    Has anyone got any recommendations for free video editing software so I can blur my speedo? Let me know.
  13. Eddieh93

    GoPro Mounting

    What's people favourite mounting position for a gopro or similar camera., I've tried helmet and chest but am going to stick a tab to the front mudguard and see how that is. Anyone else got any ideas?
  14. Eddieh93

    Single Seat Conversion

    I am looking at buying a pillion seat cover or Yamaha original replacement but begrudge paying Yamaha's extortionate prices for what I think doesn't look that good. I have found 2 alternatives, just wondering if anyone has either of these and what's the verdict. Any input is much appreciated.
  15. Eddieh93

    Original Parts for sale

    Hi all, I have some original parts for sale, they are as follows; Rear Fender/Number Plate Holder Foot Pegs Passenger footpegs with Hangars Levers I imagine nobody wants most of them, but if any of you do let me know and we can work a discounted price out obviously for the fellow MT riders...
  16. Eddieh93

    Wing Mirrors

    Anybody got these fitted and what is visibility like?
  17. Eddieh93

    Exhaust Hangar Alternate

    Is there any alternates to the typical passenger foot peg exhaust hangar? As I find that set up quite an eye saw! An alternate to the bracket highlighted red, just so I don't have to put the foot peg mount back on.
  18. Eddieh93

    New Mivv Speed Edge Full Exhaust System

    Has anyone got fitted a new Mivv Speed Edge Exhaust? If so what is it like sound and performance wise? How much lighter is it compared to the original?
  19. Eddieh93

    Braided Brake LInes

    Has anyone installed braided brake lines? Was it a pain in the arse? Is there a massive improvement? Is it worth it? Ed
  20. Eddieh93

    Rear Hugger Extender

    Found this on ebay as I begrudge to pay so much for an after-market one and this will do exactly the same job. Yamaha MT07 All Models Rear Hugger Mudguard Fender Extension Black | eBay Has anyone brought one of these? and if so what's the verdict? Ed