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    Tapatalk disabled

    I recently found out that the company who makes the app (Tapatalk) has started to store user information from forums and have begun to sell advertising based upon this information. We don't sell your info and we don't like the fact that we can't have control over that aspect to keep others from...
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    Forum Upgrade and site bug thread

    Hi everyone. I have just upgraded the forum software. I was having a lot of trouble with the older Vbulletin version. We are now running the latest version of xenforo. The site is functional but I am still working on a few things. If you notice any issues post them here.
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    New Server

    Hi Everyone. I just moved the site to a new faster server with SSD drives. Let me know if you notice a difference in the site speed or if you notice any bugs.. Thanks Dennis
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    Working on the server

    Hi Everyone I am working on the server and may have to do a few reboots.. Sorry..
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    Avatars enabled

    Hi everyone the avatar system should be working now. Add your avatar and let me know if you have any trouble. Thanks
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    Welcome to the site.

    We are brand new and looking for feedback from MT-07 riders to develop the site into a complete resource for the Yamaha MT-07 Motorcycles. We look forward to comments and suggestions you have. We are also looking for moderators.. Enjoy your stay Admin
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    2014 Yamaha MT-07 Walk around
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    It looks like the first MT-07's have been built

    The very first MT-07's are now coming assembly lines. I expect delivery in Europe February 2014.
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    MT-07 Price

    MCN says this week that the UK price will be under £5,000.?).
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    Yamaha MT-07 Tech Specs

    The MT-07 is a new kind of motorcycle that is designed to bring fun, affordability and enjoyment back to the street. And just about everything about this versatile new naked bike - from its deep torque through to the agile chassis and outstanding economy - make it hard to resist for both newer...
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    2014 Yamaha MT-07 Walkaround Quick walk around the new Yamaha MT-07
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    Design Cafe - MT-07

    MT-07: the next generation twin - made to have fun “Our starting point was riding fun” says Project Leader Shin Yokomizo. “So regarding power delivery, as well as in light weight construction, we had a very clear challenge. We decided to create a true next generation engine. Compact...
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    Yamaha MT-07 World Premiere
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    2014 Yamaha MT-07 walkaround @ EICMA
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    Yamaha MT-07 | First look |
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    The New Yamaha MT-07 (Official video)
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    Yamaha Introduces MT-07: Lightweight, Affordable 689cc Twin

    Yamaha Introduces MT-07: Lightweight, Affordable 689cc Twin More news from Milan includes the Yamaha MT-07, a 689cc parallel twin that weighs only 394 pounds (wet, with a full tank of gas). At this point it appears to be a European model, not coming to the US. Following the FZ-09 that we...
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    2014 new Yamaha MT-07 teaser video. 'Rise Up 4th November 2013

    Not sure if Yamaha are hinting at a new model based on the MT09, but they are going to reveal something 4th November. Link to yamaha site here Motorcycle Teaser - Yamaha Motor Europe