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    Anyone else noticed this new phenomenon with gopro's / other cameras?

    I have an action camera for various reasons.To have footage in the case of an accident be it mine or another I witness. I went on a group ride last week with another forum last week, hadn't met them before, had a great days riding. Someone mentioned if was a shame no one had a camera. Well mine...
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    I've been looking at the Rukka stuff for later this year when the winter hits. I know it's pretty expensive, just when you talk to people who have actually owned it it's more of an investment that is likely to last 10/12years, 5 of that is covered under warranty. I suppose if like me you ride...
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    SC Project Exhaust fitted

    Having a couple of bikes with the Akrapovic system I can say the SC Project system is better made and with customer service some of the guys have been getting you can buy one with 100% confidence. Great service, low price, beautifully made and sounds amazing whats to think about.
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    Sorry Guys - I've defected the MT09

    Can't agree with you on that, I rode both bikes back to back and for me personally the naked was better. I was really disappointed with the Tracer. The screen was worse than useless and I'm an average height guy, the wind noise was horrendous. Shocking vibrations coming from the pegs at 4k RPM...
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    Sorry Guys - I've defected the MT09

    Agreed with Loneranger, while the 07 is a great bike the 09 is just that bit better in every area. The engine is so peachy, pulls from as low as 2.5k in 5th gear, it really is a cracking engine. The brakes surprised me the most, so glad the dealer persuaded me to go for the ABS model as I've...
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    MT 07 for sale

    I assume you're selling because you've got your eye on something else?
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    UK Road tax

    It's all digitised now, so the need of the paper disc was longer required. They can check millions of road users every day because tax, mot and your insurance is all linked and held on a computer..probably a fairly large one :D
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    your first 2 bikes?

    ER6N 2012 S1000r 2014
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    Pool Quay Dream Machines bike night 2015

    I usually go to the first one of the year then another half a dozen times until September but was to ill this year. I shall make a trip up there after work, either next week or week after. I only work locally in Ferndown so easy enough for me.
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    SC Project Exhaust fitted

    It's pitch black outside but rather than forget I took the picture for you..just in case I get the call tomorrow. I put the bike on a paddock stand to show you the gap. The gap showing in your image, is that the maximum gap whatever angle to take it from?
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    SC Project Exhaust fitted

    I'll try and take another picture for you this time looking down over the the pipe to give you a better view. If I hear from my dealers tomorrow I might not have the bike to take the picture for you as it's going in for part exchange. and30ers might have a very valid point, one definitely...
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    Just a note guys the new Tomtom Rider 40 does NOT cover GB, for that you need to spend a bit more and get the 400
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    This is a new review only recently posted matching up the twin in might find it interesting. Read about the shootout here 2015 Middleweight Sport Twins Shootout - Motorcycle USA Watch the shootout here..part 1...SV650 Part 3 FZ/MT-07...
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    SC Project Exhaust fitted

    No washer and it seems I have more space than you guys.
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    Mt-07 seat so slippery any options?

    I found the solution - but an MT-09 :)