I have read through this thread already http://www.motorcycle-talk.net/forum...ts-market.html

There are a few things where my personal opinion seems to differ a bit from the general consensus, primarily on what is good or bad suspension; I'm after comfort first and most. What we seem to agree upon, is that the stock suspension is lacking both in comfort and control.

For the record, I am 200 lb / 90 kg net after a pee in the morning. My riding style is fairly smooth - I try to ride the throttle as much as possible and use the brakes as little as possible. My own personal limit at the moment, after 250 mi / 400 km with the bike was reached in the second corner of the test ride and leaves no chicken strips on the rear tyre and about 1/4 in on the edges of the front tyre. So quite sedate and fitting for public roads at my advanced age. I do, though, prefer to ride on old, little used roads. These again tend to be ill maintained and littered with severe frost heaves. I want to glide over them, not being kicked about as is the case with the stock suspenders.

So, for the suspension. Stiffer fork springs will of course help reduce fork dive, thicker oil would slow how fast the fork compress. But I have never been bothered with dive nearly as much as with a harsh ride. I find the stock fork, although acceptable over smooth roads, a bit harsh over any and every sharp irregularity. The basic damper design simply cannot both offer sufficient slow-motion (like under braking) damping and fast-motion (like rolling over sharp bumps) compliance. To me it feels like control has won over compliance, which to me is a pity. Anybody tried thinner fork oil? Or Intiminators? Cycle Guide Magazine: Product Review: Ricor Intiminator Fork Valves - Ricor Shocks :: Motorcycle Suspension :: Inertia Active Suspension :: Ricor Suspension

At the rear, the shock, like the fork, perform well over smooth roads. However, it badly lacks rebound damping. When compressed heavily, the shock rebounds quickly enough to kick me out of the seat. Over sharp bumps it feels harsh, like the spring and/or compression damping is too hard, but this is likely again a result of insufficient rebound damping only. The stock spring rate seems fine enough for someone like me looking primarily for comfort over rough roads, but the overall performance is poor.

I read somewhere that the 2006-07 Yamaha R6 shock may fit? It does seem to have a 10% softer spring and is 7 mm shorter, though, than the stock shock, which may not be desirable. Especially the reduced ride height that will follow seems unwanted. Are the other sportbike shocks that can fit well? These can often be had for a song. If not, anybody have any personal experience with Nitron and/or YSS?